i love this blog (reasons to be fit). it features great reminders of what fitness is all about.

A point said: Crossfit is helping me to set goal for strength and healthy body versus old goals to be "stick skinny" even of the scale doesn't move or my pants don't get smaller my body will be toned and beautiful :)

pretty much, replace 5K with 1/2 marathon.

You know you're a runner when . SO TRUE! Lol I have more running clothes than I do normal stuff!

No, your legs aren’t that tired. Yes, you can breathe. Keep going. | www.simplebeautifullife.net

35 Motivational Fitness Quotes GUARANTEED To Get You Going

Like today when I’m doing power clean and squat clean sets and even the men are watching 😝

<3 My thought when anyone ever asks me why on earth I'd want to run outside in 8 degree weather (: Because it's heaven

I will! No matter how bleak things may seem I have my mind set and shoulders squared to carry the load and go the distance.

stop the diets and start the lifestyle changes!!! It's the only way to keep up with a healthy figure and a happy you. :)

Stop trying to be skinny and start trying to be healthy. Your weight will probably take care of itsef if you do.

Those are the best days to go to the gym and leave it all on the floor!

Guide of each person who train Crossfit. Thanks to Crossfit WoD you can plan your system training.

It's never too late...

What people often do is they put off something for so long that eventually they will just start telling themselves it's too late. No it's never too late, a year from now you will have wished you started today.

Be your best!

Please don't compare yourself to others! We are all beautiful and remember beauty come from the inside and radiates on the outside!

24 Motivational Weight Loss and Fitness Quotes | Health.com

24 Motivational Quotes

Somedays its SO hard to stay focus omg I hope you all stay motivated! Personally I have way too many tests this week and my anxiety levels are so high I ate anything but healthy today. Anyways tomorrow I'll be back on track I promise by fitness_flame


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