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Beware the wockas. #twd

The Walking Dead fan art.

For those you miss the most.

TRUTH. #thewalkingdead

Zombies Need Love, too! Warm Bodies in theatres 2.1.13

What everyone was doing on Dec. 21st.

Michonne before the zombie apocalypse. #thewalkingdead #twd

This is what happens when you let Merle babysit. #thewalkingdead #twd

"We bury the ones we love and burn the rest."

Get ‘em, Charlie.

Shaun of the Dead fan art.

Alternative Shaun of the Dead Poster in which it has been retitled, "Shaun of the Ed."

Shaun of the Dead Movie Poster.

TWD Spoiler Alert: Your ovaries are going to explode.

For those TWD Daryl Dixon fans out there, please enjoy this photo of Norman Reedus and his phone cover featuring Hello Kitty as Daryl Dixon.


"Never be the hero. This is the apocalypse. Not a movie."

AMC’s Walking Dead hits 10 million Facebook fans, debuts awesome Social Network parody poster. (via Mashable)

The Walking Dead knows how it’s done.

Alice in Zombieland. Now THAT I’d like to see…unless there’s a break-dancing Mad Hatter. Nobody wants to see that again, BURTON.

What’s worse than a zombie chasing you?  A zombie on fire chasing you.

The Zombie Turning Point, brought to you by The Walking Dead.

High five to people at AMC. Very nice Walking Dead display, indeed. #TWD

Zombie ghost?  Now that would make for an interesting challenge.

Here’s hoping Olivia, Jason and Harry can keep up.  Who's in your crew?