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  • Ashley Z

    I need this for my front door!

  • Katrice

    This House is Protected by Attack Cats Sign


    Funny Animals 145 (31 pict) | Funny pictures

  • Steph Stillwell

    Attack kitties are on the job!

  • Joy

    If this is on the front of your home, I wouldn't worry about the cats... I'd worry about the crazy cat lady.

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Pretty much see my cat kitty in all these pics. Mostly the one where she calls and calls to come in. You open the door she looks at you for a bit then walks away. Grrr what did you even want!!!

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et une maison sans chat n'est pas une maison... celui-ci aussi va finir encadré dans notre sweet home !!!

So true. i seriously used to get stuck in my bed when my cat was in this mood lol as soon as one little finger would come out of the covers, she would attack! miss her :(

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HA HA. Totally a glimpse of the cat that runs my home..Miss Holly. This is hilarious.

well, mostly love and laughter these days! But it was founded on really cold beer!!!!!!!!

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・・・・・。 by #Edrac by #Carde with love to #cats!