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    Obama Lies so Far

    Good for you girls! Keep standing up for God and He will protect you.

    Does this matter to you? Remember it when you vote in November.



    Obama, it's time to go.

    You don't need that.... We The People don't need this hypocrite in Our White House either!!!


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    How can you excuse all of this?? They should be on the FBI watch list..

    Obama - The Real Manchurian Candidate

    Only Obama would

    HILLARY CLINTONS SUPPORTERS, ISLAMIC TERRORISTS prevpinner:~The US sent a 747 to pick them up to and from a party at the White House Muslim Brotherhood...Oh no,no,no sooooooo wrong !!!! Hillary with the muslim brotherhood whom she and Obama helped take over Libya. Stop sharia law. IVE GOT A GREAT IDEA SEND HER TO A MUSLIM COUNTRY AND SEE HOW THEY TREAT HER THEN

    "There is no war on women; the war is on their babies." Dr. Ben Carson

    Obama's Plan

    As obama says...

    A real president.


    H Y P O C R I T E

    Obama's Lies