Spray paint coffee beans and use them as vase filler... awesome

mirror spray paint on shells

spray paint pine cones

Silver spray paint on terra cotta flower pots

Buy alphabet magnets and spray paint them metallic

Place vanilla scented tea lights in a bowl of coffee beans. The warmth of the candles will heat up the coffee beans and make your house smell like french vanilla coffee.

DIY expensive-looking shell decor - use chrome spray paint on seashells

Spray paint glass pieces - I love the opaque textured appearance of these

Can't believe this is the same table! Gorgeous redo!

seashell paint makeover; spray paint inside of shells high gloss baby blue and paint outside with gold or silver paint! Stunning!

spray paint over silk flowers

I absolutely must try some of these little containers - recycled jars from moisturizer and make-up, topped with small plastic toys, and spray painted.

diy striped vase using rubber bands and spray paint

light no2

re-use Starbucks coffee bottles...for your ice tea they look like vintage milk bottles @ Sheri Pruit- so doing this next time!

DIY Starburst Mirror

Spray paint your old folding chairs!!

Place a can under the candle before you add filler - you'll use less filler AND the candle will sit straight

43 DIY Ways To Add Some Much-Needed Sparkle To Your Life

Spray paint over stickers on mason jars to create luminaries. Great idea for outside lighting

Spray Painted Beans - a cute and cheap vase filler For bridal show...fill the extra candy bowls on candy buffet.