Art Nouveau leather, gold and gem-set ladies evening purse Lacloche Frs. c1905 Frs. Lacloche The detailed leather bag designed as an Owl with textured detailing back and front and set with banded agate-eyes within a ruby surround and diamond-set beak and claws mounted on an 18ct yellow gold frame with pine cone and needle decoration

All Aboard Ship Clutch // Kate Spade

Black Unicorn Clutch Bag

Rainbow Cloud Handbag

Ostrich feather crystal bow clutch

Jupiter Triangle Bag

clutch black knit fitted tucked sweater so chic. bold skirt. Bodysuit

Cute quirky bags

Flowers bag

If fashion is about expression, what statement a person wearing a blimp handbag or an owl shaped purse is trying to make? These eccentric bags were created by italian designer Carla Braccialini whose motto is ‘To create handbags as an absolute beauty concept without fear of daring, to be exclusive and bring to women the desire to play with fashion, escape banality.’

chanel clutch

// Moschino jacket from 1992

Sterling silver - Cloud necklace - Small

Retro rotary phone purse

cat purse you know you're a caat women when you own this

Kermit Tesoro

White Holographic Melty Clutch Purse from Tickled Shop on Storenvy

Critter-cal Mass Bag in Fox - Orange, Black, Print with Animals, Quirky, White, Halloween, Statement