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  • Jessica

    wildlife photography chipmunk

  • Janelle P

    Chipmunk - chubby cheeks :)

  • Laryssa Storozuk

    What no butter or salt? Watch out for the chipmunks! They'll take your picnic food when you are not watching.

  • Audra Eng

    funny squirrel

  • Zainab G

    What, no butter OR salt? by Barb D'Arpino - Animals Other (, canada, colors, chipmunk, funny, barbara lynne d'arpino, wildlife, ontario, living creatures, wasaga beach, daily life, cute, barbaralynne, copyright barb d'arpino, north america, chipmunk stuffing corn in pouches, nature, autumn, outdoors, fall, eastern chipmunk, adorable, backyard )

  • Lori Hager

    Getting ready for winter! Sweet cheeks!

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