a place to put all the beautiful pictures your students give you throughout the year. keep it on a shelf where the kids can also look at it, and you don't have pictures everywhere!!!

Students Birthdays. That's awesome!

End of year gift for students

Sub Binder I HATE trying to write down where everything is.... THIS is MUCH easier! (THIS. IS. SO. SMART!)

The BEST reward system I've seen yet! Definitely using this next year.

Don't waste time sifting through piles of worksheets - save yourself the headache and create a “master book,” a tool that organizes all your papers and keeps them all in one place. Tackle your mound of papers by sorting through each one, tossing what you don't need and keeping one copy of every important worksheet. Place them in a 3-ring binder with dividers for each month.

Classroom ideas...beginning of school year.

What Makes a Parent Love a Teacher - terrific post by Jennifer of Cult of Pedagogy about the importance of getting to know your students and some tips doing that.

Would love to do this next year on the cabinets by my kids' lockers!!!

Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

awesome binder with full year plans, daily plans, assessment and grade sheets with standards

Here's a nice idea for a quick formative assessment of student understanding.

teacher binder ideas - DO THIS NEXT YEAR. awesomely organized

Put a "Tidy Tub" on each table while students are doing cutting projects. It helps keep the students in their seats working instead of getting up to go to the trash.

Make this for my desk this year... I <3 to do lists!!

No interrupting light for during groups

the teacher wife: End-of-the-Year Gifts! {For Students & Parents}

I LOVE this idea. "The Red Plate Project". Send home the plate and a note the first week of school. It tells parents about a tradition of celebrating special accomplishments by eating dinner with a red plate. When students have a great day, the teacher sends home a note saying they had a "Red Plate Day" and please celebrate by letting them eat off the red plate for dinner! I think I'll give these out at Open House!

185 Ideas for Classroom Organization: RoundUP at RainbowsWithinReach. Love the Poppin Pattern letters.

FREE Dolch Words & Phrases Book This is a black & white booklet I make for all of my students each year. It contains all 11 lists of the Dolch Sight Words plus the Dolch Phrases for the students to practice at home.

I Love My Classroom: Dicuts glued onto clothespins, glued onto thumb tacks - easy way to dress up and clip student work.