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To Know by Lang Leav To leave early in the morning before she wakes but still place a kiss upon her cheek because I cant help but leave a token of my love for her on her soft gentle skin

be perfectly themselves.

-Lang Leav

Typewriter poem #43 by Mary Kate Teske

The END !!! I never thought she would drop me cold turkey again , After promises of she would try and give it all !!! Not dont !!! So The END , glad yall my the dession in my life !!! But thank you ,,, Its time of my life , No holding me back

Lang Leav

The Way I Love You by Lang Leav

F. Scott Fitzgerald quote about love...they slipped briskly into an intimacy fron which they never recovered

A perfect little love poem.

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The Rose by Lang Leav #Rose #Poem #Love #Quote

― F Scott Fitzgerald

I wonder what I look like in your eyes.

//Johnny Cash// I want to be someone's first thought when they wake up and last thought when they fall asleep.




just this.