Great Halloween costume idea, but you'd have to carry around the salt canister

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The Morton's Salt girl from the 1950s~ Is she salting the Earth, and is heaven raining on her? Hmmm something to thing about.

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Cutest Little Morton Salt Girl Halloween Toddler Costume… Coolest Halloween Costume Contest

Morton Salt girl costume for Halloween

Banksy Umbrella Girl.....this years Halloween costume:)

"For some reason I always liked this picture. I don't know why. Maybe it reminds me of rainy days and I'd be stuck inside, and mom would bake something. Maybe that's it." -Joe, 70's Child

Morton Salt Girl / 19 Brilliant Ways To Dress Like Food For Halloween (via BuzzFeed)

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pink ladies grease - perfect halloween costume inspiration. great for a group of friends

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Morton Salt girl costume! I've just always wanted to wear this in general

..and you DON'T know what to be for Halloween this year?

“The Real Finn and Rey of Utah” have just sent me this fun picture taken at Salt Lake City Comic Con featuring them dressed as Finn and Rey and their adorable daughter as BB-8 Baby-8.

morton salt girl

Miniature Schnauzer by Fix Your Images Photography

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There is no more classic a pairing than salt and pepper shakers , so these complementary onesies with those cute little hats on Etsy ($56 for the pair) are an easy and comfortable costume option for your little nuggets.