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HAHA This would so be Tabitha Givens if we ever had a house party together!! Tara Haack Smith Nikki Flowers

hahahahaha Laura Jayson Jayson Hunter Fornaszewski Ashleigh {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} {bee in our bonnet} Inda what does this make you think of?

No Balloon Child Left Behind << Why is this so funny?<< this is such an inspiring story

hahaha my mom does this all of the time. when i worked in a protein chem lab with a jerk of a boss i texted her about my bad day and she kept LOLing me... i had to explain she was being rather unsupportive, as mothers go.

Oh my goodness this woman!

18 Funny Restaurant Signs: There's just so much more to say than what's on the menu.

➤ See the best Facebook fan page for Pinterest Humor! #funny

Sometimes a little humor is needed to get through to students and make assignments more fun.

This is pure gold, and no I am not speaking of the gold bedazzles on her sweater cardigan and fanny pack..