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Lose 5-8lbs THIS Week with Jillian Michaels Detox Water!

{} Jillian Michael's Detox Water...An Honest Review!!! Spolier Alert IT WORKS!!!!! #detox #diet #weightloss

Can't hurt to try it this week!

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Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss

Honey and Cinnamon for Weight Loss + Detox - I need local raw honey for allergies anyway, so it can't hurt.

Here's a July Challenge for you Who's in? Order your ThermoFit today Lets get Burning!!

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3 Ways to Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

Easy exercises to get rid of a muffin top... I do the standing ones whenever I am waiting in a changing room or am on break at work, at home, anywhere no one can see me lol They actually work :)


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Take a BERRY Break (39 photos)


When you think of weight loss you probably envision having to overhaul your entire diet, but that's not always necessary. Instead, take a look here!

I'm on my 6th day & it IS a good detox (I ate through this, A LOT) drink. I didn't use the sweetener & I brewed 2 tea bags in 16oz of water & then added the tea. I don't know about the weight loss part of it (didn't step on a scale nor care to) but it did very well as a detox & I will do this again!

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4 Reasons Why You Should Drink More Water

Drink more water! It helps your weight loss!

Jillian Michael's Detox Water Stump you clearly do NOT need to lose 5 pounds but this might help before wedding just to feel better

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Look Better 2 Days Cleanse

2 detox diet

Jillian michaels detox drink- 60oz water, 1 TBLSP cranberry juice (non -cocktail), juice from 1 lemon (or 2 TBLSP), 1 tea bag of dandelion root tea. Drink everyday for 1 week to help reduce bloat and water weight. I used this and it really REALLY worked for me! Highly recommend!

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How to Detox Your Diet with Dr. Alejandro Junger

detox your body


The 10 Best Exercises to Reduce a Double Chin

Chin Workout--sounds silly but it works your facial muscles and gets rid of that double chin!