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Poe Dancing. (Edgar Allan Poe's works and wisdom and a little more humour here: ) #authors #Poe #humor #humour


You can only push a girl so far…



Sleeping Beauty finds her prince…

Lol this would be me


I wish I could have used this excuse…

my life


She Delivers

Haha this shirt reminds me of when we were at daycare


If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place…

If companies were honest, the world would be a funnier place... - The Meta Picture


Yes, yes it wood…

The table mafia - they will rough you up, often for no reason at all.<-------THIS COMMENT: Coffee Tables, Giggle, My Life, Funny Stuff, Funnies, Funnystuff, Nice When


Never stop believing…

It took me a minute but now I get it…


No Fishing Sign

No playing football with fish.... No using fish as a weapon to chase down your enemy... Warning fish snatchers are in the area....(like a purse snatcher only worse)... You are not allowed to turn a fish into your partner in crime... Fish do not assist the humans who've injured their legs. Maridan Valor. Just being silly.

Oh My I Need Dis Too!!! | Yep I Need Dis - Robert Downey Jr | »


Oh stop it, you

Only the strongest will get

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27 Illustrated GIFs To Improve Any Situation

GIF by Gemma Correll.


Woody warned us…

Woody warned you.