Southern Squash Dressing -

Southern Squash Dressing - I remember Grandma giving me a brown paper bag and sending me to her garden to pick squash for this casserole.

SQUASH DRESSING 2 c boiled squash 1/4 c	margarine 1 onion chopped salt and pepper to taste 2 c crumbled cornbread 1 can cream of chicken soup sage to taste 1 can chunk white chicken (optional)

Squash dressing

SQUASH DRESSING 2 c boiled squash c margarine 1 onion chopped salt and pepper to taste 2 c crumbled cornbread 1 can cream of chicken soup sage to taste 1 can chunk white chicken (optional)

This is a tried and true southern recipe that can be modified by adding meat or rice to it to make it a meal by itself. Chicken or turkey can be added to it, so bring on the leftovers. My daughter loves this recipe. You can mash the squash if you like it that way, but we just cut it into small pieces. Of course adding onion and other seasonings are always optional. I like to add onion if my kids aren't eating it, since I love it that way!

Slap Your Mama It's So Delicious Southern Squash Casserole

Sauteed squash is one my go-to side dishes all year long, but especially now as my garden is giving me an abundance of the cute little yellow sweethearts in a steady stream right about now. Each day I picked all the squash that needs to be picked only to go back the next day to find just as many,

Sauteed Squash makes a delicious side dish recipe. Ready in mines, this is a favorite of squash recipes!

Cheesy Squash Casserole Recipe

Cheesy Squash Casserole Recipe - Sauteed summer squash and onions mixed with sour cream cheddar and parmesan cheeses and sprinkled with cracker crumbs

Easy Key West Grilled Chicken-  fresh lime,  soy sauce, garlic, honey... perfect for a summer BBQ!

Key West Grilled Chicken (soy sauce, honey, lime, and garlic). Soy sauce and honey is a magic combo when it comes to chicken, love this twist with the lime! -- Using Chicken Thighs

Quick Corn Pudding

Quick Corn Pudding - Only note I have for this recipe is it says cooking time 45 minutes or until set. I cooked mine about an hour.

Soft, white breadcrumbs double as a feather-light binder and golden crumb topping in this summer casserole.

How to Make Summer Squash Casserole

Grandma's Special Beans - A nice variations on the traditional Holiday Green Bean casseroles

Blue Cheese Green Bean Casserole - We called this simple casserole "fancy" because it's studded with roasted red peppers and tangy blue cheese. Grandma made it for special occasions.

Creamy Fried Confetti Corn  ~  Crisp, crumbled bacon puts this irresistible dish over the top. The recipe is wonderful made with fresh corn, but if you're short on time, just substitute an equal amount of frozen.

Creamy Fried Confetti Corn

Thanksgiving Dinner Side Dishes: Creamy Fried Confetti Corn Recipes 60 Spectacular Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipes - Southern Living recipes-to-try

loaded baked potato chicken casserole - Click image to find more popular food & drink Pinterest pins

loaded baked potato chicken casserole- little spicy! Taste like buffalo chicken & a baked potato. Top with sour cream & enjoy!

Confetti Corn with Bacon and Peppers....

Confetti Corn with Bacon ~ Sauté fresh corn, bright bell peppers, and onion in a bit of bacon fat and you have a seasonal side dish that looks just as great as it tastes.