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    Surf Ninjas

    3y Saved to Watching

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    • Rach H.

      "Surf Ninjas" (1993) - "Barbara Ann" ENDING CREDITS (1:55) - by Travis Rauh; "Surf Ninjas" (1993) Soundtrack | YouTube >> I remember in '94 singing this song with my sister for a 4th of July recording... we always thought it was "bah-bah-bahbran" - gibberish I know! lol. Today's the first time, I learnt the title!! lol ... #MyChildhood <3

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    The Craft . Going to be seeing this @ Halloween Forever Cemetery ..90's inspiration

    3 Ninjas (1992) Saw all these movie like a trillion times....lots of dead brain cells, but I loved it. ;) Rocky loves Emily, people....nuff said. ;)

    Aerosmith - Cryin' [feat. Christina Milian/Linda Moon] (3:42) - by gaga8585; "Be Cool" (2005) Soundtrack | YouTube >> I love the 90's original, but Christina kills it! And I love her outfit!! ♥ ... #AerosmithFAN; #BeCool2005; #BIGFan; #JohnTravoltaFAN; #StevenTylerFAN; #UmaThurmanFAN

    Dawson's Creek

    You bet I did.

    House Arrest; another 90's movie

    90's a million VHS tapes at my parent's house to this day. :)

    Mandy Moore - Only Hope (3:54) - by S P A R K L E M O T I O N !; "A Walk to Remember" (2002) Soundtrack | YouTube ... #ChristianMusic; #MandyMooreFAN

    Anne Hathaway is just like us...

    Christina Milian - "Believer" FANMADE Video (3:11) - by Amar Sejpal; "Be Cool" (2005) Soundtrack | YouTube ... #Beautiful; #BeCool2005

    Game of thrones

    Daniel Radcliffe and Maggie Smith

    She's so amazing

    I'm sure she was, but this is a picture of Loretta Young. An actress from the 1940s. She was also a real beauty but had nothing to do with Harry Potter.

    Regina Spektor - Better :) "If I kiss you where it's sore Will you feel better, better, better Will you feel anything at all "

    The blue door says that one always tells the truth and one always lies. If that statement is true, then the red door is the liar. Either way, Sarah guessed the correct door (that leads to the castle) but mocked the labyrinth for being "a piece of cake" and so fell into the helping hands. They would have helped her out ("Up or down?") but she chose the wrong way into the oubliette.

    Happy Birthday Alan! feb 21st


    Perfect!!!! ||| Mary J. Blige - Family Affair

    This is why I love Harry potter.