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This Is What a Baby Raven Looks Like

Cuerbebé :-) baby crow. It's got to be the cutest thing yet! And if Mina could summon black birds.. ooh so adorbs. Yes I just said adorbs, deal with it ;P

As I toured the area where the Inuit resided I encountered the Raven Father. The Raven Father was a key figure in Alaskan Inuit mythology. They created him with the created of the world. First he created dry ground, then man, various species of animals, plants, and women. In that order. The Inuit believed that if anyone killed a raven it would bring about terrible weather.

Research shows that the emotional attachment that elephants form towards family members may rival our own. #mother #nature #animals

Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.

This has to be one of the ugliest bird faces I've ever seen. Wonder what he'd look like when an adult bird?cj

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