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arsenicinshell: “British Hair Awards 2016 – Afro Finalist Collection – photo by Luke Nugen ”

a lovely blend of blonde highlights mixed in with a naturally ashy base

Duran Duran-this photo takes me back to the Night Versions album my sister and I bought which we played non-stop.

We tried a funky and fun style today! First I sectioned off a rectangular section in the front center, then pulled the rest of the hair into 2 low piggies. Next I split that rectangle into 3 pony sections. I split each of those ponies and rose twisted each side down to the piggy below. I finished by braiding the piggies! The rope twists remind me of 3 arrows pointing forward! #toddlerhair #toddlerhairideas #toddlerhairstyles #cutetoddlerhair #cutegirlhair #toddlerhairstyleideas #hairideas…