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This is Hands-Down The Cutest Proposal We've Ever Seen.

"I reassured her that she will always be more than enough to make me happy and be mine. Then, I dropped to a knee, and asked my beautiful, wonderful, sweet, and amazing girlfriend to be mine forever."

Fantasy Writing prompt. I would gladly be the villain if what you really want is to be the hero, because I would do anything for you.

Unfortunately I am too much for a lot of people... but I'm fine not really "belonging" to any group of people and such.. kinda makes me feel like a chameleon or a lone wolf or something

"Whenever I ask someone who their favorite Harry Potter character is, no one ever says Harry."

I love ridding and listening to the music up loud and it's just me pretending like nothing else in the world matters!!!

Literally they did save me. Meeting Felix as my first YouTuber and helping me get through the pain, which started the relationship with my best friend because of him. Then came Markimoo and Jackaboy. I love them all to death. Such wonderful friends ❤☘️

"Girl is Mine " by swavenation-n-trapsoul ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring Casetify, Beats by Dr. Dre, Wolford and NIKE

Who does she think she is?

Dont forget when u r a teenage girl and have guy-friends, invite them over so u dont have to socialize, and have to endure six hours of "who's your boyfriend?"