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  • L.M.B

    Thinking this today. Happy Mother's Day 2012. Love you mum x

  • Nelly loves...

    love this for family photo shoot. Nx

  • Lisa Marie Zelmanoff

    Looking at your mom and thinking what would I do without this woman…all the time she helps me so much mom quote love mother mommy best friend no one will ever be there for you as much as your mother BFF mother daughter family

  • Alicia Rash

    Yeah pretty much. I love my mom. She is my best friend.

  • Kim Denney

    I hope my kids feel this way!

  • Amy

    Happy birthday mom!

Happy Birthday, Love You, Mothers Day, Best Friends, Quotes, Families Photo, Daughters, Kids, Love My Mom

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:'( awww! This isn't funny but I don't have a board for "Incredibly adorable story's"...I should

So I decided to just be myself, and when people tell me to be quiet, I tell them to get off me.

this makes me sad because there are so many people I want to stay with me now, and there will be so many more like that in the years to come:(

The hardest thing for me to understand is why someone would ever say something they don't mean. Being an honest person means you are honest 100% of the time.

but you're always changing and growing too. there are few that know, the deep pieces of me who make me you i am. but not around anymore.

I love this!!<< this is TRUE of motherhood, it develops you in a way that is amazing, people can tell you but until you have children yourself, it is just unknown. My children have taught me so much about myself and about life. I am a better person individually because of them!

Never has there been a more accurate description of what happens when I see him ♥ RES

it's hard not to fall in love with someone when they see the mixed up parts of you soul. when they understand thae darkest and dustiest corners of your mind. when it's four a.m. and they call because they kow you're not asleep

This is totally correct. Describes me perfectly....except I am an adrenaline junkie, but mostly an introvert.

theidealoptimist: left-nut: untitled by virginia calloway on Flickr. THIS COULDN’T BE MORE ACCURATE being a 20something makes me think everything is deep and important and there’s no hope.

I just don't have the words to help you understand. I'm lost in those times & have no energy to try. I hate those times. Loneliest & lowest days