The longer you look at him the funnier it is

Pug love. Perhaps a bit too much pug love. OMG his face!!

No time to explain...

This looks like something Kilroy would do, while Cor was roaming the neighborhood. Funny Dog Pictures – 40 Pics

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Just The Opposite Of Shaming: Winning.

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this thing is so cute

so true ;-)


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love it

I laughed so hard at this...

I'm sexy and I know it!

Happy Goggles? Check. <3 For more cute puppy pics visit Animals, Funny Dogs, Pug Life, Pet, Cute Pugs, Pug Goggles, Pug Dogs

This is neither discipline, exercise or affection.

This dog. That cookie. That dog.

He's smiling!

I just pinned it because it's FUNNY!!!! Look at that!!!! How in the WORLD can you not laugh and smile? LOL!