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Jud Turner - Factorum

Jud Turner is an artist known for groundbreaking sculptures that often use mechanical elements to create biological forms, this sculpture is called “Revision Flyer” and is a slightly unusual example from the artist.

Busk is a textile artist in Denmark who creates freehand thread painting portraits, using an ordinary sewing machine and mad skills.

Kinetic Machine Cranium Portraits

Kinetic Machine Cranium Portraits Bruce Holwerda Paints Mime-Like Subjects with Mechanical Heads

The world-famous French group of artists “La Machine” installed this steampunk sculpture masterpiece in Dessau, Germany. Appropriately mysterious in the fog, this beautiful machine seems almost ready to launch.

10 Weird Things We Did To Our Dolls As Kids

GUM BALL MACHINE FULL OF BARBIE DOLL HEADS ( Mattel / vintage / retro photograph / black white photo / creepy / weird / strange past ) - so how much is a head

Visit The MACHINE Shop Café... ❤ The Best of Koenigsegg... ❤ (2013 Koenigsegg Agera R)