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Before you speak...THINK! From: Lead.Learn.Live.

I LOVE this quote! Dear Beautiful - this is YOUR life (your very own life) get to know YOUR soul, dance YOUR dance, sing YOUR song ... #quotes #words #beautiful #life #soul #dance #inspiration


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"This was my mantra when I decided to take my life and power never compare myself to the woman standing next to me and always find compassion within myself when mistakes were made. Every moment..every day collects to the life that will become your past. So become who you were meant to be in the now!" - Tracy Marie-TBBD

life is short

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Life is....

Lessons learned in life


Audrey Hepburn <3

Would love to have this as poster in my classroom one day.

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Life Quotes

Nobody makes you Angry you decide to use anger as a response | Anonymous ART of Revolution


A sad truth