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Antique Wheelwright's Traveler w/graduated inch scale around the wheel, (for measuring the distance around or circumference of a wagon wheel).

Stanley No. 52 Arch Joint Folding Rule

Stanley No. 66 Rosewood Marking Gauge

Starrett No. 107 Speed Indicator + Box

Union Caliper Triple Jointed Inside/Outside

Starrett Vernier Caliper Rule 48 inch

Watch-Craft Parallel Caliper Watch Repair

The L. C. R. Parallel Caliper Watch Repair

Sheffield Plumb Bob Brass 6 Ounce

Antique Plumb Bob Brass 16 Ounce

Union Tool Combination Wing Divider Caliper

Pexto 8" Wing Divider Peck, Stow, & Wilcox Extended Legs

Davis & Cook Plumb Level Wood 18 inch

Starrett Bench Level Plumb No. 98-18" & Box

Stratton Brothers Plumb & Level 2 foot Patented

Stanley No. 237 Plumb Level Aluminum Rare!

Stanley Machinist Level No. 36G N.O.S. w/Box 12" Cast Iron

Starrett Universal Surface Gage No. 57 Scribe Gauge

Keen Kutter No. 302 Caliper Rule Arch Joint

Stanley No. 32 Boxwood Caliper Rule

Stanley No. 69 Carpenters Rule 1 Foot

Stanley Architect's Rule No. 53 1/2 Beveled Folding

Smallwood Architects 2 Fold Rule Old! Smallwood, Marshall

Lyon & Co. Mortise Marking Gauge Gage