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  • Valorie Johnson

    I heard one lady did this...never spent a $5.00 bill but saved it instead. In two years she had nearly $12,000! GREAT WAY TO SAVE FOR A WEDDING, A TRIP OR A CAR!

  • Candace Griffin

    $5 Savings Plan... it's a very good idea. Cards make spending money way too easy!

  • Louise

    The $5 Savings Plan - Hmm or maybe $1 savings plan?? Need to save for the beach!! :)

  • Debra Devita

    $5 savings plan. I think I will try this. My New Year's resolution was to use cash, not my debit card, so this could work for me. I think I have a $5 in my pocketbook now- let me get a jar! :)

  • Julie McGinn

    Here's how the $5 Savings Plan works: Whenever a $5 bill comes into your possession, you save it in a special jar or envelope. Over time, they will add up. The more you incorporate using cash into your spending habits, the more you will save (if you're a credit card user, you won't save as much)... genius

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My all-time favorite packing list. It's never led me wrong no matter how many people make fun of me for it!

One Pinner Said: I heard one lady did this...never spent a 5.00 bill but saved it instead. It two years she had nearly 12,000!

this "save by number" plan is the perfect yearly savings plan for kids to follow.

  • Allowance Academy

    How did the reverse plan wind up working for you? Did the kids wind up learning about savings?

  • Chrystal

    Shawn Lightfoot im going to do this for Marley

The $5 Savings Plan - One woman saved $12,000 in 2 years by saving all the $5 bills she came across.

Best cookie jar evah! Except really, I think I'd use a ceramic jar so not everyone can SEE MY SECRET STACHE.

$5 Savings Plan: Whenever a $5 bill comes into your possession save it and put it away. Once or twice a year cash it in to a savings account. New plan for money

  • Jeannie Retherford

    What a terrific Idea. I will be doing this for myself Thanks

  • Deborah MC

    I did this to help my hubby quit smoking. Every day he didn't smoke, which was a pack a day, we put the money in a clear mason jar also and before he knew it there was nearly $700 in the jar and he'd quit smoking over 16 years now. Either way, this is an amazing way to save :) I think I can do this for me now, every time I get a $5 or $10, put it in a jar.

  • Shony Deen

    Wow! 600 bucks in 3 months with just saving a dollar! Awesome! Am starting today!!

  • Jeaniffer Washington

    Started last week and loving it!!!

  • Chacha

    Want to make some fast cash click the link below ⬇and learn more it's easy and quick !! All you have to do is advertise one link they give you & wait for the money to flow in!! I personally thought no it's a bunch of nonsense but I tried it and well here I am !!

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For each kid I could do this and put it in their savings.

I don't care what holiday you are celebrating, wishing me a happy one will always make me smile.

Weekly savings plan. Want to try and do this to save vacation money.... :)