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How to Grow Lithops - cultivating Pebble Plants and Living Stones

Do you like to shop online? If you’re not taking advantage of Ebates yet, this review will help you consider the pros and cons of shopping through Ebates. There are a lot of similar sites that

This is a rolling reception desk for a small footprint. Shown as a mobile hostess stand it can easily be for either application. Made from wood & metal, this has an industrial look. You can do any wood species: Elm, Walnut, Hackberry, Reclaimed, Pine, etc. We also have a concrete looking product we would love to try to give a more modern reception desk look.

This adorable, rare creature is called Ili Pika, and it’s one the most endangered species on the planet. The pictures I am about to show you are the first ones taken in nearly 20 years!

Wood Sorrel Scientific name: Oxalis species What: leaves How: salad, seasoning Where: shady undergrowth When: spring, summer Nutritional Value: Vitamins A & C Dangers: Contains some oxalic acid, limit consumption to a small handful per day.

Trachyandra is a genus of plants similar to Albuca, both bulbs belonging to the order Asparagales and both native to South Africa. And, like Albuca, some Trachyandra produce transfixingly tortuous foliage, like the unidentified species pictured above.

Sting-less bees - Family pets handed down from generation to generation.The Maya make intensive use of the small, stingless bees for honey production. The species - halfway between honeybee and bumblebee - builds nests directly on the Mayas’ houses. As a symbol of the bee god Ah Muzen Cab - honey maker - they were also objects of religious ceremonies.Stingless bees sounds like the best thing ever It’s like a swarm of tiny puppies.

One of the largest delimas in the world today is lack of confidence. All to often people look at a situation and feel insignificant in the face of undesirable circumstances. However each person is capable of making a diffetence no matter how small and on a global level that equates to world change. Being vegan today is like standing against slavery. Each person has a voice and it can be heard wether it be to family members social media public speaking friends just let your voice be heard…