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Kerry Collaborating with Saudi Official to “Fix” 9/11 Lawsuit Bill -

Best foods for calming your nervous system (additional information to check out: Magnesium chloride flakes. 1/4 cup of flakes dissolved in 3/4 cup of distilled water. Place in spray bottle. Apply 20-25 squirts to skin 1-2 times/day. Allow to absorb in for 30-45 minutes. You won't believe how good you'll feel)

The nation's largest labor federation is calling on Apple to improve conditions for the workers who manufacture the company's products. In an email sent Wednesday, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka asked activists to sign a petition to tell Apple CEO Tim Cook "to ensure that people integral to Apple’s success — workers who manufacture Apple’s electronics — are treated fairly."

Listen to the most important speech of the past decade: Rep. Michelle Bachmann sounding very Thatcheresque in her condemnation of Obama foreign policy and the biggest threat that faces American freedoms in half a century. September 16, 2012

Presidential Polls 2012: Latest Rasmussen Poll Indicates Swing States of Florida, Ohio, Virginia to Decide Election

Obama Admin. Ignores Huge Dangers in Approving Arctic Drilling Permit for Shell today. If there is a spill in this harsh environment, clean up would be ultimately impossible. Unique animals like polar bears, yellow-billed loons, eiders, walruses, whales and ice seals that have evolved over millions of years to survive in this frozen wilderness -- and nowhere else -- will be condemned to extinction.

The Obama administration is offering a bogus compromise on its ObamaCare contraception mandate as it tries to get out from underneath a mountain of lawsuits citing religious freedom.

Peter King: Paul 'doesn't deserve' to be a senator | TheHill steve king doesn't deserve to get Rand Paul's leftovers.