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A Buryat Child Wearing Traditional Clothes, Buryatia, Lake Baikal © Photo by Pavel Ageychenko

Tuareg girl wearing traditional jewelery. Photo taken in Ghadames, Libya by Eric Lafforgue.

I never did slings but this device is beautiful and so is this baby. Photo credit: Alessia de Marco

Another image out of Africa that is just stunning to me. She is a Krobo girl. The Krobo people are famous for making the most beautiful beads from recycled, pulverized glass (soda bottles). I'm always on the hunt for antique, African, trade beads, so I have a lot of fave pics of these people. Look at her hair! That's EXTREMELY reminiscent of ancient Egyptian hair styles! Don't ya think?

Africa | People. Girl photographed in Niger.

Fulani girl in Tabakoto, a small village in The Gambia. I met her just outside her very modest home. She is another example of the many smiles that you will encounter all over Africa. Despite the very little that most people posess you will always get a great happy smile.

we are never satisfied yet they have so little and yet they have a smile on their face

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Wistful Look ~ Krobo Woman from Ghana ~ I wonder if that is a wig or a woven cap on the young woman's head? Very interesting look. ~Repinned Via Marina S.

"A kind of magic ...." The most wonderful smile in Ségoukoro,Mali by Ferdinand Reus, via Flickr