Whose Line Is It Anyway

Haha oh Betty White... what a gal

The Defibrillator Toaster My mom would be so annoyed… every morning I would run into the kitchen screaming: “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP!” “DON’T YOU DIE ON ME!!! NURSE, WE NEED 12 CC’S OF CREAM CHEESE, STAT!!!” He’s bread, Jim. Time of deliciousness: 7:15 A.M ---------------- If we don’t restart his heart , he’s toast! JAM IT! “Daddy’s in a butter place now, kids.” - why do I not have this??

How funny.

One of my favorite Far Side cartoons.

"When you hear your favorite song, but it turns out to be the remix" | Meme | Funny | True

The kill yourself guy makes me laugh every time. True.

I love phoebe!!!

Rory: Our house is burning and you can save the cake or me. What do you do? Lorelei: That's not fair. The cake doesn't have legs. - Gilmore Girls ***LOVE IT!!!***

whose line

Ohhh Whose Line is it Anyway?

An hour of whos line scenes from a hat.... This may be the best thing I have ever pinned

Whose Line is it Anyway

hahahaha...(whos line is it anyway)

The BEST moment from Whose Line is it Anyway in history.

That's great

best show EVER!

I love this show.

i love this!

for forrest!

Pitch Perfect(: