Send a box full of balloons filled with notes or money. fun & lightweight. such a great birthday idea!

Family magnets - kids would have so much fun with these! ESPECIALLY with cousins

For my friends graduation, instead of giving her a card with cash in it, I slid dollar bills into balloons. Cute/ cheap/ creative gift:)

32 Random Acts of Kindness to do with kids. i almost cried reading this and thinking how nice it would be to do all these things :)

Cool ways to fold money for gifts clever-ideas

Such a clever idea!

Shaving cream filled balloons. I am not going to lie this looks like a blast.....haha

Some really unique and useful gift ideas!

Mug with a hoop!

Sweet Notes

Baby shower gift

No helium needed to fill balloons for parties.....just vinegar and baking soda! i need to remember this!

The Money Cake, this would be a great gift

Stress balloons. These would be great to send as gifts for people having a hard time at work/school

Golden Shell Bowl at Neiman Marcus.

put glow sticks in a balloon and put them all over your yard......summer party!!!