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  • Liza Amundson

    My baby girl at dance class!(:

  • Madelyn Carey

    True story. I literally "misbehaved" at a ballet class.

  • Jamie Cartwright

    So true! The little girl in the end is kenz and I

  • Sam King

    haha that little girl on the end was so me in all my yrs in dance class <3 miss those days!

  • Elise Manzella

    you are right @Sarah Barnes it is too funny-- I wasn't that girl and M better not be but I remember watching "that girl" in my ballet class!

  • memo wise

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Purely for the picture frame over the peephole. Forgot about this and doing it this wknd!

Oh its true! more funny pics on facebook: mean to tell me my ab stimulation belt and Netflix isn't giving me rock hard six pack abs?

Love that Kat Kitson saw this and thought of me :) So much truth.

Almost the same look my daughter gives me when she tries to threaten me w/ something she wants, bahaha!

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Oh my GOSH this is DEFINITELY ME!!!! Explains me so well.

Laughing so hard!!! Maybe harder because I read creatures of the night like it was rocky horror picture show LOL

I'll do anything not to make to trips to the car....

omg, omg, omg, this is something i have actually decided for myself! that and hygiene...I SWEAR

So it's gonna be one of *those* days, then...