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A good cheerleader..spirit Wall art vinyl decals letters love bedroom

Good cheerleaders...

So true--I was a cheerleader first and now a coach. Little girls definitely look up to the girls!

Yeah! That's right! Here's one of our cheers! My fav 1! "What's your favorite colors? Navy blue and gold!! Say it again louder! Navy, gold!" Repeat! Lol. #Cheer!

@cheer Quotes # cheer

Cheer survival kit--THANK you Meaghan Mackey!

I was a very strong tumbler until I got a mental block I have it right now.I was wondering if anyone had tips to help throw my tumbling every time !Comment them if you have any tips!

I don't care how big the bruise will be, I'd rather my flyer hit me than the floor. **This is the MOTTO of a BASE**, however My Little Flyer has been TOLD - TRUST Your Bases, They Will Not Let You Hit The Floor ~~She has Hit The Floor 3 times : (~~ As Her Bases Back OFF.....she only weighs 50 lbs ---- Come On Bases, Take One for the Team !

An 8-Week Plan to Make You a Runner

Start this weekend! This 2-month plan tells you how to go from walker to runner.

Maryland Twisters F5, naturally. Competing against them once at Nationals was such an honor! They scored higher, but there's nothing like stepping on the same floor as the very best!