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This wittle puppy want to go on a walk... oh yes he does (Imagine I'm saying that in my little puppy/little baby voice)

Hilarious! here to find out more

bahaha!! that's the best! And this, this is basically what I'm going to be doing for a living. yep. ;P

This made me laugh more than it probably should have.......

it's like the arrow hidden in the fed-ex logo. You will never not see it now.

I shouldn't be laughing as Bono is trying to make a point but DAMN YOU Scottish folk and your witty comment!

Children's Books that should NOT be written. Good to know, I'll keep this in mind...

Come on Ladies. Stop judging yourself and each other so much. When you're 93 do you really want to look back and think about how much you hated yourself?

Oh, come ON!! That's so crazy cute I'm having trouble catching my breath. Butter, the Teacup Pomeranian by hapatxn, via Flickr

So I'm totally going to be the one that when I get older and live on my own, I'm going to draw faces on every single one of the eggs I buy =D