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Yes, this is dog.

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Easy, breezy, beautiful cover squirrel! So funny! Just had to pin this! I have a pet squirrel we've had since she was a baby..she's awesome!!

I cannot stop laughing. LOL

LMBO love the pic! I got this Halloween costume for our black lab :) and Robby has one, too. May the Bark Be With You (star wars,yoda,cute,dog,funny)

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@Mich Elle cheese please


Dog on a kayak @Mich Elle

❤️ dogs

Dog knows what's up

Catnip hahaha

Just like my dog haha

We meet again.

Getting things done


lol, that dog knows what he's doing!

Gerald wanted the world to see his beautiful set of choppers. He did not understand the laughter that followed.