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    Healthy Snack bin in the Pantry

    Healthy snacks - when you portion out & count out the calories in your snacks during the week you'll be golden ! ♥caelie

    This website offers ideas to declutter your fridge so you can see the ingredients you have and use them. Also, it gives amazing tips on how to set up the food in your fridge in a way that encourages healthy eating and snacking habits.

    30 nights of healthy crock pot meals.

    Healthy snack packs

    When you're feeling hungry, grab one of these healthy snacks!

    Love the bins on the floor. Great idea!

    Self Serve Healthy Kid Snacks. Make a bunch of these and put them in easy reach so when kids are home alone after school, they have something healthy to snack on.

    Easy Avocado Provolone Turkey Wraps. Made This Morning For My Daughters Lunch, She Came Home Asking If I Could Make More!! SOO Easy, The Kids LOVE This Healthy Lunch Recipe!

    Healthy Snacks Safely Stored in a Mason Jar - Separate Veggies and Dip with BNTO by Cuppow!

    Bedtime Snacks 10 quick and healthy ideas - I realize these are for kids. But they look like great ideas to me.

    Am I the only person who hasn't heard of "cooler corn"? As an obsessive food nerd, you'd expect that I would have at least heard of it, but over the weekend I was blind-sided by the simple genius of this method for cooking loads of corn on the cob perfectly. I was hepped to it while visiting my family in Maine . Short story: We like corn on the cob. And with eight adults at the table, that means a couple of dozen ears. We would have used the lobster pot to cook them all, but the lobster pot was busy steaming lobster. Then my sister, a capable Maine cook with years of camping experience, says "let's do cooler corn!" Before I can ask "what the hell is cooler corn?" a Coleman cooler appears from the garage, is wiped clean, then filled with the shucked ears. Next, two kettles-full of boiling water are poured over the corn and the top closed. Then nothing. When we sat down to dinner 30 minutes later and opened it, the corn was perfectly cooked. My mind was blown. And I'm told that the corn will remain at the perfect level of doneness for a couple of hours. Turns out, Cooler Corn is pretty well known among the outdoorsy set but for those of us who avoid tents as much as possible, it's perfect for large barbecues and way less of mess than grilling. In fact, I may even buy another cooler just so I'm ready for next summer. Now that I'm in the know

    Crispy Breakfast Burritos with Mushrooms, Mozzarella & Hot Sauce | 18 Breakfast Burritos Worth Waking Up For

    Fast & Healthy Meals for Kids by Pillsbury | CraigslistDad

    Egg White Bites! Easiest thing Ive ever made. Not to mention super healthy! Perfect breakfast or snack! ,

    Is this you? Do your kids burst through the door after school yelling "I'm Hungry!!!"? If so, then this post is for YOU!! Follow these tips to make your own snack basket in a matter of minutes to help your kids find something to eat quickly and easily!

    Healthy Lunch Ideas to keep you on track to that perfect body you want

    Cute way to present snack and an option for the kids to decorate a pre-painted clothes pin.

    Backpack snack for school. Equal parts Goldfish Crackers, pretzels, marshmallows any chocolate chips. My kids love this. Perfect snack for peanut free classrooms.

    Start with week 1... 14 weeks of organizing your whole house. This is really thorough!!!