Great way to organize scarves!! with hanger and shower curtain hooks...Loveee it!

Organizing Scarves

Organization of the Scarves- shower curtain rings- on a hanger.: Didn't work so well, they bent the hanger, so I just attached all the shower rings together and then hooked the two ends to the closet bar.

DIY- Bra Organizer-->literally just made this using a hanger and Christmas ornament hooks, took 5min  =)

DIY- Bra Organizer-->literally just madei this using a hanger and Christmas ornament hooks, took =)

Use cheap shower curtain rings to hang all your tank tops/spaghetti strap tops on one hanger!

I have soooo many tanks! Tank Top Space Saver- Simply use a hanger and shower curtain rings. Get the hanger from your closet, and the curtain rings from your local dollar store. Saves drawer and closet space!

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These impressive shoe storers maximise the vertical space in your wardrobe and will halve your storage! Height adjustable and easy to access, they can be used with flats as well as high heels.

Ik blog vaak over wat er in mijn hoofdje omgaat. Momenteel ben ik erg bezig met een grote opruimactie in mijn huis. Ik kan erg slecht dingen weggooien :(. Ik ben altijd bang dat wanneer ik iets weggooi het op een later moment nog heel erg van pas kan komen. Wat vaak ook het geval …

I can't find the original source for this, and the link isn't any help, but the idea speaks for itself: hanger + shower curtain rings = scarf hanger. So smart!

Cool Dorm Room Organization Ideas On A Budget 17

Cool Dorm Room Organization Ideas On A Budget 17

using paper towel or toilet paper rolls as organization

Repurposing toliet paper tubes for cables/wires storage. (alternate idea: put cord in paper tube, label tube and store individually rather in box of cords)

Great organization idea!

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shower rings on a hanger Hip2Save

5 Ways to Organize Scarves

Instead of draping them across whatever's in your path (the back of a chair, a door knob, your bed post), corral scarves neatly together on just a single hanger. See more at Hip 2 Save

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There is a great way to organize scarves. utilizing a hanger with scarf rings. Put the scarf rings all on one hanger then hang the scarves through the rings and hang in the closet.