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Airplane Meal Service c.1950s

Back when airlines served a full meal in flight, 1958 - those were the days when customer service really meant something!

we had one of those round Thermos coolers! fond memories of drinking REAL lemonade from it (it always leaked from the spout, if I remember correctly-- lol)

I remember these roadside tables and delightful summertime picnics.


Lou Jacobs the clown appears on a box of Kellogg's Sugar Smacks

Pan Am meal service, 1960

Vintage pictures of Pan American World Airways in between and Original source: Everything Pan Am

Little Bits of Lovely: A Moment In Style: 1960's Fashion

January 1960 - Ladies Home Journal

The 1950s housewife, getting ready to prepare a meal with her modern electric appliances.

A mid-century housewife getting ready to prepare a meal with her modern electric appliances. May be old but i like the idea of the built-in audio with extra outlets.

Classic winter scene from the 1950s-girl's had their dresses on over their snowpants!

+~+~ Vintage Photograph ~+~+ Classic winter scene from the

Makes me think of the book, The Sensuous Woman (written by "J") that I thumbed through as a pre-teen while babysitting: greet your husband dressed only in plastic wrap.

Handi-Wrap ad Woman's Day - February 1962 ♥It looks like the next thing she is going to "wrap up" is his fat face.

1950s – Whistlin' Dixie: Marketing the Paper Cup, 1910-1960

From FB page 'Playfully Vintage'