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Black and white silhouette portrait of the foggy evening lightened by the full moon's white Moonglow. Isn't it amazing how bright it looks through the fog on the water? Makes me think of what hope might look like.

Color of Japan.  #moon

Beautiful Bud - The natural beauty of the cannabis plant, otherwise known as marijuana.

Moonlight - not sure if this is a photo or painting, but it's amazing either way.

Kroutchev Planet Photo: Fan Ho (Chinese: 何藩) (born October is a Chinese photographer, film director and actor.

This shot was taken in Alaska. Of all the "moon over water" images I've seen, this one speaks to me the most.

Fort Collins, Colorado= Love

Full Moonrise by Robert Arn. April's moon rising over suburban Fort Collins, Colorado,

Beautiful Nature

Moonlight Thicket I by ~Dimentichisi - Digital Art / Photomanipulation (Turns out the moon actually IS made of green cheese!