This family is ADORABLE! The Back to School Fairy comes every year the day before school and leave something for the kids so that they are excited for back to school. The blog also has TONS of great teacher gift ideas.

Welcome the kids home from their last day of school with summer treats.

Last Day of School "Party Car" i am so doing day...

Take a picture of the first and last day of school to see how much they change over the year – this would make a really cute photo book when they graduate high school. @ Happy Learning Education Ideas

Video Birthday Interview. I'm going to start asking my kid the same questions on his birthday every year.

Happiness Is...: Back to School? This family has a "Back to School Fairy" that visits their kids at the start of each school year. The gift bag that appears the day before they return to school helps get them excited for the school year to begin. Nice idea!

Here are 13 end of the school year celebrations that you can do to make it even more special for your children! They will love the extra love that they feel as you celebrate summer and teacher appreciation during the end of the year.

We can't get enough of the sweet "Back to School Fairy" tradition that this family started. The day before the first day of school, the "fairy" ding dong ditches and leaves a treat for the students-to-be!

After School Routine for Kids get your life organized boot camp FREE Printable getSNAZZY

first day of school traditions, I like the dinner the night before and Magic School Bus bringing a big bag of school supplies.

Not that I'm trying to have kids anytime soon, but this is pretty adorable: a little note from the tooth fairy to stick under their pillows.

Printable tooth fairy receipt

Have your child's teacher sign the book "Oh The Places You'll Go" at the end of each school year and then give it to him or her at their graduation. Also makes a great baby shower gift!!

Great idea for every year

pipecleaners and strainer! (lots of good ideas for kids activities, homeschool, crafts on this blog!!!)

The "Back to School" fairy--cute ideas!

Instead of giving your child birthday cards (which inevitably get lost), write your heartfelt sentiments for special occasions (birthdays, starting school, etc) in a journal...which will be a keepsake when they're grown!

This is the most amazing thing, kiddo draws something, send it to this blog and they send you back an awesome toy of said drawing!!!

First Day of School

Graduation gift - great idea! Wish I had known this! Pinning for my family and friends who have little ones!

oooh... fun bath time! (and TONS of other kid ideas!)