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Japan, Oiran - Tayu is the top courtesan in Kyoto ( Shimabara). Oiran are the same as Tayu but they are from Edo Tokyo (Yoshiwara )


theworldwelivein: couple / vintage / culture / kimono / traditonal : geiko (geisha) kotoha, kyoto japan 芸妓 琴葉さん 日本・京都 (by Michael Chandler)

Kyoto is a magical city.   It sounds sugarcoated but it's true.   With 400 shrines and 1,600 Buddhist temples it's difficult to choose your activities.   This list will help you make the most of your trip.

9 Principles of Japanese Art and Culture: Wabi-sabi (imperfect) Miyabi (elegance) Shibui (subtle) Iki (originality) Jo-ha-kyu (slow, accelerate, end) Yugen (mysterious) Geido (discipline and ethics) Ensou (the void) Kawaii (cute)

Maiko, Mamefuji. Kyoto. Japan.

Maiko, Mamefuji. Kyoto. Japan.

Oiran in Yoshiwara, Japan September 02, 2013 Oiran were courtesans in Japan. Usually considered a high rank yujo (prosti...

Oiran 花魁 - Japanese courtesans back in and century. There're no more Oiran in modern times but there're few Matsuri (festival) parading wearing Oiran costume. Be a geisha, be a geisha, be a geisha.

Kinkaku -ji , à Kyoto , Japon

Kinkakuji 金閣寺 ("Golden Pavilion"), a Zen temple in northern Kyoto, Japan. "Kinkakuji in snow" photo by Takeshi Kuboki www.