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    Story of my life!

    • Jan Norton

      This is funny and so true but I don't think my name is wired it is just very AMAZING and unique just like me and also my name is never on the key chains either

    • Sicy V

      Story of my life -_-.... But all in all I like my name its unique and different but still no key chain... Or coffee mug!

    • Claire Rivero

      My daughter Montana ( half spanish half british) got over the fact that when we moved to the US kids called her " Hey Kentucky! - or whats up Mississippi?") and now likes her name ...

    • Reagan Boyer

      Never got the license plate with my name on it or the gift key chains! Funny enough, now I know a lot of people naming their kids Reagan!

    • Casey Russell

      I don't think my kids' names are weird, but it's doubtful they will ever be found on those key chains.

    • Ashlee Gaska-Jeffers

      LOL. My name is so common but when I was a kid... It was always spelled Ashley on that keychains. Sorry PAX! This is why I will be spending extra to buy you personalized things.

    • Joana Laskey

      Dear Parents, thanks for giving me such a weird name. Sincerely, my name is never on those gift key chains. funny

    • Brianne Closson

      Hahahaha! Well my kids won't be able to get those name keychains either, so I can't complain.

    • Skye Price

      yeah gee thanks mom! @Teriann Hanks. Just kidding, i like my name

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