The first openly gay elected official in the United States, Harvey Milk put the dream of equal rights for the lgbt community within reach. He and George Moscone, mayor of San Francisco, were assassinated in 1978. Sean Penn starred in the movie "Milk," which documented Harvey's place in our history. www.LoveBetweenMe...

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk. An American gay activist who fought for gay rights and became California's first openly gay elected official. Following his assassination, an estimated 30000 people marched, holding a candle, from castro street to city hall. Harvey Milk once said "If a bullet should enter my brain, let that bullet destroy every closet door in the country"

Women in the United States were not enfranchised until 1920. We have come a long way ladies!!!

The Hope Speech. Harvey Milk addressing crowd from stage at San Francisco Gay Day Parade. 1978.

"Burst down those closet doors" - Harvey Milk

Early Gay Rights demonstration, NYC 1970s.

Jack Nicholson & Sean Penn

Days of Our Lives star Freddie Smith who plays openly gay Sonny Kiriakis just nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award!

Market Street, San Francisco after the earthquake [1906] So sad!

Sean Penn


Isaac W Sprague (1841-1887), Living Skeleton. He was normal until age 12, when he started to lose weight. By age 44 he was 5'6'' and weighed only 43 lbs. He was examined by many eminent physicians who gave no diagnosis other than a general wasting syndrome. He ate as much as 2 normal sized men and carried a flask of sweetened milk to revive himself when he felt faint. He married twice and had 3 average sized sons. He died at age 46 after working in sideshows since he was 24.


Bjork & PJ Harvey

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San Francisco, 1934, by John Gutmann

Sean Penn by Richard Avedon

Women’s equal rights rally, 1960s.

San Francisco Movie Poster / 1936 / Based on the April 18, 1906 San Francisco earthquake.

Crowd protesting the US involvement in the Vietnam War. San Francisco, 1967.