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SH-06D NERV (Android) Docomo & Evangerion(Animation) model

. #Evangelion 3.0 and NTTDocomo tie-up for Nerv phone - And it's running on android platform!!!! =D

Evangelion, interface design

ドコモ第3新東京市支店 : SH-06D NERV特設サイト

ドコモ第3新東京市支店 : SH-06D NERV特設サイト

Evangelion Smarth Phone --- hahaha, cool!

AlarmUI by Daniel Klopper

‘Oscillate’ - Thesis Animation of Sine Waves by Daniel Sierra

tasekai: shin-tokyo: syphon: bionikbastard: karrool2: luccica: (via flasd, vivolog)

Macoto Murayama; Geometric Reproduction, appreciation of the natural

Star Wars Inspired R2-D2 Character Portrait - 11x17 Fine Art Print