Scootpad is a great site where students can practice math and reading skills that correlate with the Common Core! It is free, has no ads, and students love it!

Great educational site for kids. Better than Starfall!?!

WOW!!! 74 Free Activities - The teacher who created all these activities (and sold them here on Teacher's Notebook) recently passed away and in her will asked that all her materials on this site be made free.

Here is a review about Mathtopia - an awesome and highly addictive Ipad game for reinforcing basic math facts.

Math videos broken down by topic. Certain videos are also available in Spanish.Goes from elementary math to calculus.

Scootpad: Great Common Core Practice Site

FREE Computer Choice cards with tons of free site choices! I will be using this with my free tech time reward coupons! #technology #freebie

Normative Child/Adolescent Development. Interesting site. Concise info for psychoeducation with families

Core Education iPad apps

2nd Grade Florida Common Core Math

KindergartenWorks: the technology zone

Virtual Geoboard App (FREE) Simple to use and ad free. Great math app for elementary

37 Free Online National Geographic Books all organized in one place. Site will read the words to the kids also. Get those kids reading non-fiction!

from STEM to STEAM - How to get started with adding the arts into your Science and Math curriculum in a purposeful way

great site with lots of resources

180 Different Common Core Aligned Passages for Quick and Daily Morning Review~24 hours left to save~ The price will increase by $13 in one day. The Pony Express, The Inca, Plants, Historical Fiction, Poetry, Plays and More are Included. Many of the standards repeat across the weeks to provide STEADY Common Core review. $

This teacher has created check lists for the common core for several grades. They are free!!

Mean, median and mode

common core math

2nd Grade Colorado Common Core Math

How to Encourage Critical Thinking in Science and Math