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    Pink jellyfish



    Amazing Jellyfish has the unique colors of the flowers and the ocean water. This beautiful creature is floating in the ocean near their home.


    The Lions Mane Jellyfish is the largest jellyfish in the world. They have been swimming in arctic waters since before the dinosaurs (over 650 million years ago) and are among some of the oldest surviving species in the world. The largest can come in at about 6 meters and has tentacles over 50 meters long. Pretty amazing when you think these things have been swimming around for so long.

    cannonball jellyfish and spider crab

    Jellyfish are without brains, central nervous system, circulatory system, digestive system or eyes (though some do have light sensitive cells) and have been around for 500 million years.

    The Mauve Stinger - Jellyfish


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    Aurelia aurita (also called the moon jelly, moon jellyfish, common jellyfish, or saucer jelly) is a widely studied species of the genus Aurelia. #jellyfish



    Spotted Jelly

    Jellyfish / Berenice, Red Sea, Egypt

    Related to the jellyfish and corals, the beautiful and alien Siphonophore is actually a continuous chain of specialized polyps - individual animals that grow from one another in an organized colony. Some in the colony are devoted to feeding, armed with stinging cells to snag fish or invertebrates. Others are devoted to locomotion, propelling the whole group with a continuous pumping motion. Still others, of course, exist only to reproduce.

    amazingly beautiful jelly fish