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Indigo is associated with insight and psychic ability. In healing, you can use indigo for relaxation, reassurance and promoting awareness. stimulates intuition and imagination, and is a strong sedative. It's the colour of divine knowledge and the higher mind. Indigo is said to be a powerful anaesthetic and can reduce pain.

Great photo's of Iceland: Sunset at Jokulsarlon (Glacier Lagoon)

Jaw-Dropping Pictures of Iceland. Jaw-Dropping Pictures of Iceland. #iceland #islandia #nature

Iceland...cant wait to take a horseback tour of Iceland ;)

"How can you not want to go to a city that has a polka dotted street. They are the cutest and qurkiest of all the nordics. Even if this might be gone by the time I get there, I'll know that these are the people who are liable to do this sort of thing. Wonder what they will do next?" Reykjavík -- Iceland / islandia!! have YOU ever seen Green Polka Dotted streets before? ... Me neither !

Faroe Islands - Now this is an adventure! www.visitfaroeisl... North of Scotland - east of Iceland