• Rozlyn Romriell

    Straw Bale Cold Frame: I wonder If this would work for a fake greenhouse in the spring?

  • Michelle Sena Kelley

    An interesting idea to grow some fresh greens for the girls this winter. I don't think I'd do it with doors -- but we do have some old windows... Straw Bale & Glass Cold Frame - To keep growing in winter weather, consider this low cost clever idea. Insulate your garden with straw or hay bales & cover with glass (in this case old sliding doors) to retain heat. Some ventilation during warmer days would be necessary. Also a pest + animal deterrent.

  • Lindsey Augusta

    Straw Bale & Glass Cold Frame for homemade green house

  • Andrea Francis

    Fall Gardens Tour: D & J’s Straw bale Cold Frame

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