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Hetalia Mafia Hongkong,America,England,Canada,Syechelles, also known as the Kirkland Family, are here looking awesome as ever in their mafia form.

Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Hutt River, England, Australia, Wy, Sealand, America, and Canada

This definitely has to be from Kyoya. This is really normal. It's not even surprising anymore. Kyoya, why can't you be more pure? *sigh*

Hetalia Axis Powers Doujinshi - Blue Ribbon's Significance (Switzerland x Liechtenstein)

Product details: Switzerland x Liechtenstein Item Title: Blue Ribbon's Significance Produced by: TiaraFormat: Doujinshi Language: Japanese Page Count: 24 Size:

If Yao ran a Mafia (or Triad, which is what many Chinese mafias are called) - Art by Hitoger