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Bikram set

Bikram set

Bikram set


Burning Thighs Yoga Sequence: Your Shorts Will Say, "More Please!"

5 Yoga Fixes for Bad Posture - this is great for anyone after uve been sitting for awhile and need a good Safe stretch!

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Top 10 YouTube Yoga Videos for Beginners

With the world becoming more and more digital, the number of activities performed online is actively growing. From grocery shopping to learning a new language, to cooking an exotic meal from scratch. Everything is possible at the reach of a click.

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8 Stretches Your Tight Hips Are Begging For

For opening up your hips. | Sitting at work, sitting in the car, sitting on the couch. We sit a lot. And tight hips are the scourge of sitters. Learn these basic (but brilliant) poses from PopSugar to open your hips and stretch you out. | Yoga Workouts


24 Best Yoga Asanas For Losing Weight Quickly And Easily

Best Yoga Asanas For Losing Weight Quickly And Easily: There are 24 best yoga asanas for weight loss. These include back-bend exercises, standing asanas, sitting asanas and much more.


9 Yoga Poses To Stay Fit

Hold each pose for 30 seconds. You'll feel great when its all done!...yeah ummm maybe I need to start stretching more

Stretching before bedtime is good for you! Try these simple stretches before a better sleep.

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The Pose: King Dancer (Natarajasana)

How to Master difficult yoga poses: King Dancer/ Handstand/ Crow/ side Plank B

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Chair Squat

Chair Squat | Stand with your feet together and hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides. Keeping your chest lifted, shoulders back, and core tight, sit your hips back and bend your knees (as if you were sitting back into a chair) while raising your arms overhead in line with your ears. Hold for a breath, then squeeze your glutes to stand and lower your arms to your sides. That's one rep. Do 20.

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26 Common Yoga Poses

I am not quite this flexible but I wanted to share the info just to show how yoga can greatly benefit your health!.