Recycle End of Year School Supplies for Back to School - Inspire Creativity, Reduce Chaos & Encourage Learning with Kids.

If there is a head lice breakout at your child’s school or elsewhere, there are some basic measures you can take to prevent its spread. Learn more: #lice #healthykids this is an amazing thing to pin. I don't have lice but I feel like every year there's another lice outbreak on the news.

Awesome list of fun glow stick ideas with pictures!! ) Who knew there were so many fun things to do with them; everything from kid’s crafts to party decor! You can find them at the Dollar Store or Walmart in the party section for really cheap, too.

What a great idea for keeping all those papers your kids bring home from school that you just can't bear to throw away.

a synthesis of the latest brain research and how it applies to kids in schools and at home

Having a box of art supplies on hand and ready for play enhances creativity in children…and adults.

I wish I would had thought of this years ago! Love the tooth receipt so you can remember when they lost them.

Genius! This simple marshmallow catapult can be made from common household supplies and is so easy to put together kids can do it on their own! Great science learning activity, and lots of fun.

Free New Year's Eve Party Printables

Make a play kitchen out of cheap plywood furniture

Carve a pumpkin using cookie cutters! I'm determined to remember this for next year.

Transfer A Kids Drawing to A T-Shirt -- Makes a Great Gift!

Mini Marshmallow Shooters (or Pom Pom Poppers)

Great site to get your creative on! 100 Fun Kids Ideas!

Bath Tub Shaving Cream Paint, learn more on for this and other kids crafting activities

kumquat wreath

Thread Reel Stool, wood stool

Revamp a Dollar Store Birthday Candle

19 Totally Ingenious Ways To Use Empty Food And Drink Containers - BuzzFeed

Party Water Bottles Duck Tape Duct Tape,do in rainbow

This great recipe gives you bubbles that will actually bounce – you can watch them bounce on the video. Kids will have tons of fun playing with them and the recipe uses only natural ingredients so there are no worries of your little ones accidentally ingesting the solution when they are blowing the bubbles.