This article is not just for the real estate agents; it's for everyone. Whether you want to sell, buy, or represent somebody else, it will most certainly not be a waste of your time.There are too many cases of people getting tricked into committing to far worse deals than they could've gotten if only they knew a bit more about this business. We won't be able to cover all the aspects of real estate (naturally), but you will most definitely be smarter after reading this text...

Sometimes you just want a treat but not thousands of leftovers! Woohoo! (scheduled via

Once our contract was finalized we just had to wait on the loan company to get all its ducks in a row (appraisal, writing the HUD, etc) and ... buy a home buying your first home #homeowner

Fannie Mae , Freddie Mac and their regulator provided details on Monday for a low down-payment mortgage program, which could open homeownership to thousands of cash-strapped borrowers.

This article helps one understand the steps during the application process all the way from getting it, filling it out, and then turning it in.

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